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It's time to elect a bold,
progressive slate.


We're Launching Now
Fall 2021

Texans deserve champions in the state legislature who will fight for us and our families. Over the past decade, Democratic Texas voters have gained a foothold and grown in influence across the state and in the state legislature. However, not all Democratic legislators reflect the values and beliefs of what we have fought for. In response to this need and the recent fight to reach quorum on the House floor as the catalyst, Working Families Party, Communications Workers of America, and Texas Organizing Project have formed the Texans for Better Dems Coalition with the Working Families Party PAC.

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Run for Office

Texans deserve strong Democrats

The Texans for Better Dems Coalition will recruit, train, and run Democratic primary candidates for Texas State House and Senate. It will target districts where Democratic House and Senate members have shown that they can't be trusted to uphold the basic rights of Texans, as well as fight for policies that reflect their priorities and values. The Texans for Better Dems Coalition will build its capacity to not only win but to contend for real power that positively impacts the lives of Texans. Texans deserve strong Democrats who stand for our values and will fight for our families.

Run for Office
By the Numbers




State House


State Senate Districts*
Training Schedule

Attend a Training

Campaign Training for Texas Candidates, Staff, and Volunteers

Saturday, November 13th

10:30AM - 3:30PM CT.

Join us for a campaign training on how to elect progressive champions across Texas.

We’ll be digging into electoral strategy, how to calculate a win number, and how to integrate strong digital and earned media into your campaign plan.

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